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Vitargo Science
Vitargo Science

Setting the standard since 1994. 


Vitargo, a patented, highly branched complex carbohydrate massively different from sugar (dextrose, sucrose) and maltodextrin carbohydrates usually found in sports drinks, energy gels and supplements.


Non sugar, non-caffeinated, plant based & gluten free. Clinically proven with over 2x faster absorption rate and muscle fuelling. Light on the stomach with long lasting natural carb energy so you can compete for hours without the hunger.


Purity, Potency. Pure Performance. Nothing comes close.

Carlo Buzzichelli

PhD Can., CMST, MT


Director of International Strength & Conditioning Institute (ISCI) 

Professional Strength & Conditioning Coach and Co-author of "Periodization Training for Sports"

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" I have been suggesting Vitargo to my athletes and my coaching students for the last two decades. It helps decrease depletion and speeds up restoration of muscle glycogen like no other supplement on the market. Long duration or frequent training sessions make it a must, for performance and recovery. "


Clinical Trial Tests
Proof Before Promises


A sports carbohydrate with over 2x the absorption speed to fuel your working muscles faster. 


70% faster glycogen recovery.

Long endurance events, multi day competitions, 1 hr. high intensity tournaments. It's all about sustained energy to execute the impossible. 

Discover Glycogen recovery at its finest. 


23% stronger performance. Ultimately, it's about outperforming yourself. You've put in the training hours and you're properly fueled, it's time to surprise yourself. Go for it!

Carbs Are King

Carbs Are King

Basically, our body has 2 main fuel sources, Carbs (fast burn) & fats (slow burn). If you are looking at pushing the boundaries of human performance, the science is clear. Your body demands one fuel source over all the others - carbohydrate. 

Not all carbs are created equal. Speed to the muscles matters and delivered in the purest way possible. No other sports drink gets to the muscle faster than Vitargo. 

When peer-reviewed, published, clinical studies match real life experience, personal records are broken.

About Us

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Sports has always been our source of national pride. We have the talent to shine bright on a global scale. We acknowledge too that proper sports nutrition is key to achieve peak athletic performance. 


Our goal is simple. To provide Filipino athletes the same sports nutrition used by world class Olympic and elite athletes. This should help level the playing field.​


Exclusive Philippine Distributor for Vitargo

About Us
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